December 5, 2008

Settling Into Seattle with a Vegan Thanksgiving

I have to say I had quite the adventure coming up here. I had three major events happen in succession:

1. ) Mom fell after we packed all of my stuff into White Lightning, my '98 Dodge Stratus. We had to take her to urgent care in Bakersfield while on the road. Thankfully the doctors gave her a pain shot and some "Super" Motrin (800mg, holy cow) to stop her spasms.
2.) White Lightning broke down 22 miles outside of Red Bluff on Night 2 - leaving us in the morning with no car and a $500 car bill that afternoon. Thankfully the local garage guys were awesome. Can't say the same about the Hollywood Firestone since it was their fault the new fan belt they put on four days prior snapped and killed the idler...
3. ) After arriving we discovered the new third roommate was really 16, had been drinking and smoking in the house, damaged the carpet with her hookah and was having random guys over. The mother's verdict "Joanie, if she doesn't move out, you will." So the next morning she was out by noon with threats of the Russian Mafia. The police assured us that everyone knows someone in there. I suppose I do too if Masha and Max might, hahaha. That wouldn't surprise me. My grandpa knew guys in the KC Mafia after all. Small world.

Other than that, I'm finally moved in. Alex (my friend from VanArts, CA21) is doing very well at Nintendo as a tester and we just signed on a much nicer roommate, Sabrina, who has the most well-behaved small dog I've ever seen in my life! We're excited to have her after "X" (I'm saving her face by leaving out her name.)

I'm still job hunting (my favorite past-time if you know me well - marking the Mark Twain sarcasm if you would) and hoping I will find something soon. Things are definitely much more affordable here in Seattle. I think altogether I've shaved off at least 600 of what I was paying for the same amount of insurance, rent, groceries, etc. down in North Hollywood, California.

I miss Chris and Faith and a few other friends, but they're happy I'm up here and that's what's important. Plus I'm in contact with them and letting them know how I'm doing. I'll get to see them again someday.

Also to report is that I met up with my college acquaintance, Erin, and she invited us to her friend's house for a Very Merry Vegan Thanksgiving, if you will. It was honestly super awesome. I got to try a lot of new foods, and some twists on a few favorites. The tofurkey was very interesting. The best tofu food I had, but I still prefer the real thing. You can take the girl out of the farmland, but not the farmland out of the girl, I suppose. :) Still, I love experiencing new ways to celebrate the holidays.

I have a lot to be Thankful for and the biggest of which is that I have a chance up here to start all over. Here's hoping this year is full of surprises, lessons, and love.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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