June 20, 2007

New WiA Website Launched!

In case you haven’t seen the banner popping up around Animation Blogspot yet, let me be the first to show you the Women in Animation guild’s brand spanking new website!

WIA’s New Website!

I am currently on the volunteer staff for the site and am currently in charge of uploading the Blog Roll links for all the WIA members. So if you’re a current WIA member and see this, please drop me an email with your webpage link and I will add it to the list. I’m very excited to be volunteering with my guild since at the moment I’m not able to attend all of our great events.

Please take a look! Chara Campanella is just staring to get the new site up and running so you can bet there will be lots to see as new features are added. There’s talk of maybe a bulletin board and/or a chat room, which would be a great way for members to interact.
- /^>

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